[PRESET] Continuum, Slim and ContinuuMini from Haken Audio

Hey there - here’s a preset to control the Continuum/Slim and ContinuuMini from Haken Audio.

Note that due to a bug in the current Continuum firmware (9.5.5), Tilt EQ CC controls aren’t received by the Continuum, but are sent out of it, so you can still see them on the Electra One screen

The template has both buttons and faders for sustain and sostenuto - a very cool Continuum feature - check out my video for a demo on how these work:

Continuum & ContinuuMini by Haken Audio.epr (7.5 KB)


Ziv as in ziv?! Welcome aboard :slight_smile: :bowing_man:

Hope there will be an Electra video soon!

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Thanks! Not sure about soon but hopefully sometime in the near future!