Preset editor and fl studio

when i try to create a preset for a soft synth via fl studio, i get this

brass tax, what does this mean?

can i not have both the editor and fl studio running at the same time? if thats the case is there a work around?

Hello !
Yes ! you can !
Define Electra controller as your FL studio port
And midiin2 or 3 as the port for the editor.
Still, in your example, your midi ports are certainly used elsewhere .

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On windows, if your midi interface doesn’t have special/dedicated drivers (like for example the iconnectivity devices or rme), then you are using the class compliant /Windows inbuilt driver. This driver isn’t multi client capable, which means only ONE app can access a midi port.

my audio midi interface is roland rubix 4x4 and drivers are are up to date.
when i open fl i get this image

when i open preset editor and then fl i get the image i uploaded in my initial post.

gonna level with you i am pretty green in the mdi hardware realm. what am i missing?

can no one help figure this out?

Sorry . I am abroad and does just time to answer briefly for now until i would be full in music middle april . I would then help you more if you didn’t find the solution before or someone else have the same problem and solved it . Regarding my setup i am on Ableton and don’t use FL but still it’s certainly a problem of midi port already used somewhere else .

Still a problem😪are you still traveling?

nope . i get back to music :wink: . Still i don’t use FL studio then i can’t help you directly about this problem . If you download Ableton i could help you further . You have a 90 days trial with ableton if you want to try .
As @markus.schloesser said it’s certainly because something else uses your midi port when opening FL Studio .
More generaly , when you sync the electra with FL choose the port 1 (electra Controller) . Don’t connect port 2 and 3 (Midi 2 and 3).
Then you can open the editor and you will have this windows

click on “select port manually”

Now select the port 2 for example to edit your preset .
If you lock (sync) the port 2 or 3 or both you will then have no port available to access the electra with the editor .
Then 1) connect electra one with Fl on port 1 , don’t do nothing with port 2/3 ,2) Open the E1 editor , 3) Select Preset library (if ou are not already on it) 4) select port 2 or 3 and edit.