[Preset] Korg Collection Polysix

Another preset for a VST in the Korg Collection, the might Polysix:


Mapping file, remove .pdf extension and import via “import controller map”:
Korg Polysix map.cmap.pdf (160 Bytes)


Hi @SmartBits, first off, thanks for your work on the presets! I just allowed the .cmap file extension in the forum configuration. You should be able to upload these files directly, without adding the .pdf extension.


Hi Martin,

Thanks, glad to contribute to the community!



Hi @SmartBits

Thank you very much for this !

Sorry for the newbie question, but I’d like to use it with the Korg Poysix VST loaded in Ableton Live (11), and the mapping doesn’t seem to work directly (some parameters move something else on the VST, some others move nothing): what should I do, assign everything manually in Ableton Live ?

Thanks again !

Hi Bruno,

I checked on a different PC and a different E1 to see if there was anything wrong with it. But it functions correctly on my other setup as well. The steps I took to get it to work on my second setup:

  • Launch Live
  • Insert the Polysix VST on one of the tracks
  • In the menu of the VST choose the […] option
  • Choose “load controller map”
  • Choose the file I uploaded in the first post (remove .pdf from the extension so that the extension is .cmap)
  • Now it should work

If not , check what the CC mapping is through the option […] > Show Controller Assign.
You should see CC nr 3 assigned to Vibrato Int, CC 4 to Octave. When you’ve loaded the mapfile, you could also make it the default via […] > Make current controller map default . Otherwise, you could also check if the mapping works if the plugin is in standalone mode, so without Ableton Live.
Hope this helps!

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Indeed, works like a charm, thank you!

The only “problem” I see is that when I change a value within the VST (or simply change the program) the change is not propagated to the electra, whereas if I use Ableton mappings (plugin parameters), it’s a bit longer to configure but if works, so I think I’m going to use thoe presets, and then manually map what I need into Ableton “plugin parameters”

Thanks again for this !

Good to hear!
The behaviour you describe is normal, as far as I know. I’m a noob in regard to Ableton LIve, but for it to work bidirectional I think you need MIDI remote scripting, like the one created by @jhh . See this thread:

I must say that I have begun looking in to that, but it’s still a bit over my head at the moment.