Midi Mapping with Ableton

After finishing my rev plate Arturia preset, I mapped it to Ableton.
Works great!
Only thing is, Ableton doesn’t save that mapping as a preset to be used/recall in other projects or even on a different track within the project!!??

I can’t imagine having to map everytime I want to use an effect on every projects! I’m also assuming it’s the same thing for any vst’s that doesn’t have its own internal mapping (like Arturia synths for example).

I can’t be the only one trying to do this or having run into this issue, so I’m asking what do you guys do??
Are all daws the same in this regard?
I’m baffled, I must be missing something.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ableton: you cannot save MIDI mappings for a device. Only for a full song.

This is such a glaring omission. Is there such a technical limitation or are other daws capable of this?

If you happen to have Arturia V synths, you will find in the settings that at least for them you can set MIDI CC assignments, independent from the Ableton mapping.
But I don’t think the Arturia Plate effect has this

Thank you, yes indeed.
The synths are easy overall because they can be cc mapped directly in the synths but none of the FXs.

I’m still getting over the no midi map save function in Ableton and from track to track mind you!
Is Cubase the same?
I just had a thought though, maybe via template?

Started to look into the Ableton remote script from the fella in this forum, but I’m not getting it so far…:))!

Hmm… I think I understand why it is that you cannot save it to be used on different tracks: you would have let’s say 2 instances of the same device mapped with the same cc’s on different tracks, and therefore not useful.