[Preset] Moog Subsequent 37

Preset for the Subsequent 37. I have it set to Midi Channel 5 on my device. Make sure to change it to what your device is using. If there are any issues please feel free to leave feedback. I could use some help with mapping the bank and preset selection and anything else I could have missed.

Moog Subsequent 37.epr (31.4 KB)



Since I’m mostly in the DAW, lately I’ve been editing my presets to map my presets to the VST editor to control the synths. I’ll use the E1 to control the editors so it’ll change the parameters on the synth. The issue I’m running into is that sometimes the list control CC values are off by 1 (which could also affect the sound if it does not change to the next in the list). Hopefully I can explain this right for you to follow.

SUB 37 OSC OCTAVE (16’, 8’, 4’, 2’) - The values I see in the Console app when I change it from the editor are 0, 42, 84, 127. I have to set it to 0, 43, 85, 127 so I can hear the different octaves for the middle 2 CC values when changing it from E1. If I leave it on 42 and 84, the sound does not change. I confirmed this by using a fader control and holding a key on the synth and finding which CC value changes the tone. I can turn the octave knob on the editor and I get the right sound for each octave.

The other issue I have with setting the CC value 1 number off of what it is supposed to be is that if I change a patch on the editor and all the controls change on the E1 to the new patch, but it won’t update the controls with the values that are not the same as the value it’s outputting in the Console app. So for OSC OCTAVE it’ll only show 0 or 127 on the E1 unless I’m using a Fader control, but the editor it’ll show what is saved with that preset in the editor.

Another Example from another editor
When I have -64 and +64 Min and Max Value with a Fader control the value will not be 0 on the editor and 0 on the E1 when I turn it back to 0. It’ll be slightly off as well. It’ll show 0 on the E1, but either 1 or 2 on the editor. It’ll also display the incorrect value when change patches from the editor.

So my only option is to use Faders for everything that isn’t a pad control or list control with 0 and 127 and not use min max.

I guess my questions are am I doing something wrong or is this is how it’s supposed to work? Can I not use the E1 to control editors that control the synth? Is there anything I can do to correct this on my end?

i’m starting with a new preset using the NRPN mode of the controllers.
I was doing the basic stuff via NRPN to have a good resolution and did all the controls for each preset, including the few menu hidden items.

Patch parsing is suffering from a glitch, so this will be for later on.

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