[Preset] Sonic Potions LXR 01 Drum Synth

I just published the first iterarion for my LXR version 1 with the Brendan Clarke firmware (BC 0.37). Every voice has its own page and I added one overall mixer page.

Link to the preset

My MIDI setup

With the BC-Firmware every LXR voice has its own MIDI channel:

  • Kick: 01
  • Tom1: 02
  • Tom2: 03
  • Snare: 04
  • Clp+Cym: 05
  • Hi-Hat: 06
  • Global MIDI channel: 10


I first tried to create a preset for the official LXR firmware, but the NRPN messages from the Electra interfered with the normal CC messages on the LXR (i.e. changes in the filter resonance and filter drive set the filter freq to zero…). So I switched to the BC firmware.

There is one bug with the LFO Destinations in the BC Firmware: The Destination is selected but not activated. http://brendanclarke.com/files/LXR/to-do.txt
So I left the function out…

The next step will be some fx pages for gear I use with the LXR in my daw (delay, chorus, reverb).

NRPNs always seem to be my problem with presets and at the moment I have not much time to investigate in a coded LUA solution… and I am also not a skilled coder. Maybe the future holds some LUA snippets we can use as building blocks in the web editor :slight_smile:


My sonic potions LXR story is that I sold my LXR to fund my Electra purchase :smiley:. Once I used Electra, I cursed myself for having sold the LXR since it would have been a perfect pair.

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Hehe, I sold my Ableton Push that I never really used besides controlling with the encoders… and now I try to use the Electra for that.

The LXR is a little bit awkward to control (copy functions, p-locks, sound preview…) but it’s sound has so much character that it motivates me over the quirks :heart:

I’m looking forward to test how the direct control on the LXR vs. the Electra feels. Maybe I use the Electra just for the FX VSTs in parallel… also have the 60Knobs for direct control lying around.

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I added a FX page page for the Modnetic Space Echo clone (VST in Ableton).

Works great after some hurdles with getting the long dropdown lists right and saving midi mappings in Ableton (I used the m4l plugin 8 CC Mapper, maybe clyphX Pro with binings in the future) :slight_smile:

I published the Modnetic also as a stand alone preset…

I tried to use BCR2000 with LXR. With that as well as with 60knobs, there wasn’t an effective way to keep it all in sync between LXR and the controller. With Electra, I think LXR can be fully used without having to deal with the onboard controls (although, I must say, they did a fantastic job with the controls in that small footprint).

That sounds like the typical gear organisation quest :partying_face:
I’m happy at the moment with the three here. Electra is helping to get the FX VSTs into a box to twiggle live without the mouse :slight_smile:


Oh, yes, you got me right there :slight_smile:. The gear organization quest lording over the do-something-useful quest :smiley:.

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There is a balance for nice setups and good progress with everyones gear :relaxed:

Electra is great for bringing the abstract menues to your hands.


Added a Zen Delay like page with Soundtoys plugins :slight_smile:

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