[Preset] Yamaha Reface CP

I did my first preset to learn how the E1 works. It has the following shortcomings:

  1. Requires Device ID to be set to 0.
  2. Requesting a preset dump from the device works, but it is not parsed (Since the Patch Editor online tool does not allow to parse multiple SysEx at the same time.
  3. When Loading a Snapshot, there is not enough delay from certain SysEx controls (or a way to skip them from being saved or loaded) and makes the Reface CP get stuck without reading some controls.
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I have this on my todo list.

I will adjust this so that the messages are sent out at the rate defined in the device settings. It definitely makes sense to do.


Thanks Martin, that would be awesome!

Iā€™m building a preset for some custom stuff I own and being doing it in Lua. Another thing I find missing are:

  • being able to see/modify the controlID from the web app

Also, some things I do not know how to solve, that I will detail in another post soon.