Pushbutton Operation - and some questions

I notice just tapping a rotary selects its control position. Is there a function to simply tap and send a single Midi message, like a push button function? That’s not a control selection (just sliders and dial). It should be an option there - unless I missed it.

I also notice that sometimes I need to push one of the three left selection buttons multiple times to change the group. Is that a known issue?

Connecting something to the USB host port seems to freeze the Electra One. Maybe there is a separate setting for that? I was assuming Midi data would be sent out that port to a device requiring a USB Midi host and this port can also power that. Is there a trick to using that - I see no configuration for it.


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There’s an indirect way of doing that - subscribe to touch events and processing touch in the touch callback function. An (over) simplified example:

function preset.onLoad()

function events.onPotTouch(potId, controlId, touched)
  local pad = controls.get(controlId)
  pad:getValue():getMessage():setValue(touched and 127 or 0)

Preset Touch enabled pad and documentation at Subscribing to events.

When any of the knobs has an active touch (ie. any is in contact with your fingers), the function of the left buttons changes to (opening detail, and cycling through the active control value). Maybe it is what is happening?

Pls let me know what USB device is causing it and whether or not it is connected through a hub. Thanks!

The Haken Audio ContinuuMini is the USB culprit, connected directly. It is powered ok but then Electra kind of freezes. But then there are known issues with the USB interface on the Mini so I would not worry about it now. I’ll try a few other things and see if I get similar issue. Thanks.

Thanks for the pushbutton example. I’ll look into that. I got the Lua script sending custom CC streams working fine. Just had to set device for None and do all the CCs in the script. Seems to work great.