Button Controls via Knob-Touch


Is there an explicit reason why the button is controlled via “turn left and right” instead of touch the knob to toggle/trigger?

I am using the button controls to send pattern changes on the Octatrack and I would love to just touch the knob (like selecting a preset/page) instead of turning it.


Hi, I was considering that but I am worried about firing the messages accidentaly too often.

By the way, I am also considering a feature the could address your need better (maybe):

When you press and hold the [MENU] button, you get a list pages and you can switch between them using the knob touch. I think the it is safe here, because by pressing and holding the button you enter the mindset “I will work with the knob touch”. So accidental touches are a bit elimited I hope.

I would like to add similar function to left-bottom button. If you pressed and held it, up to 12 custom MIDI messages would appear and you could trigger them with the knob touch as long as you hold the button. ie. these messages would not be normal controls on the screen.

Imagine, they could be start, stop, song select, or note on/offs, etc.

It is still just an idea. Would that do the job for you?


I can see your point with pushing buttons without wanting to.
I like the Button+Knob for 2 reasons:

  1. It is additional to the 36 slots already there
  2. I currently need to change the row and then change the pattern, that would be combined into one single dual-press-command

+1 from me for that solution!

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Yes, it seems to be the best solution for me too :ok_hand: