Random jumps to different presets

On mk2, I’m using DrivenByMoss along with some VST presets in Bitwig. DBM loads up when I start Bitwig, then I use the menu buttons to select one of the VST presets.
When I’m actively changing levels on a parameter, there will be an occasional jump back to the DBM preset even though I have only been modifying the knobs (no button presses).

I don’t have hardware presets set up yet, so don’t know if this is strictly for VSTs or not

(using firmware 3.2.6 that just came out today; btw the button responses are much better, thanks)


I have noticed with on mk1 in the past as well. When I work with a hardware preset, the DBM sometimes takes focus when bitwig is open. I will check with @moss.

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It should only jump back if you make the 3-button-touch gesture. You can check in the Bitwig script console. There I log received button gestures and page / preset changes.

I love the feature, but in case my sausage features get in the way here is there a way to disable the 3 button touch?

CUrrently not. But that’s why I chose 3 instead of 2 knobs to touch, which I still think should be sauce finger safe :wink: