Roland r8m


18 note numbers, 2 instruments, all ctrl and feel functions with every parameter available on a knob

choice of all the cards is available but only the “internal” instrument list is displayed at present… martin will find time in the future look into this obstacle

also waiting on a laymen’s way to set up “patch request”

be great if anybody has either an r8 or r8 mkII to test the preset on


Time to bust out the old R8… it’s been put away for quite a while now, but it’s still one of my favs!

Thanks for this

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Hi @duster, I am looking into getting an r8m, and I was very encouraged by seeing an electra preset already for it. I notice that you have 2 instruments and no performance sections. Since you have two instruments, does it mean you are connecting it to two devices? Or does the second instrument map to a performance section? Apologies if I completely misunderstood :slight_smile:. Just getting to know the r8m through the manual.

Hiya Shankar

You’re right to be a little confused with my naming…

I’m just calling the performance sections instruments to make them friendlier, they are after all a sample that has the ability to be spread across the keyboard, such as a bass note or mallet sound etc…

I opted for just two in my Electra preset in order to allow for ample notes in the “drum” section

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Perfect, thanks! that makes sense. Still torn between an R8M and a Yamaha RM50. Decisions decisions :slight_smile:.