Screensaver needed?

Just a quick question regarding the daily usage of the Electra: is some kind of screensaver needed if I the Electra is active but not used for a few days or so? Should I disconnect it?

Hi, an option to put Electra to the sleep mode (which will power off the LCD and dramatically reduce the consumption) is coming soon. It will be mapped to long-press of one of the rubber buttons.


Nice, this is a great solution!

Would also be nice if it would kick in after a certain time has passed … I figure the screen will have burn in when it’s on for long time like 99,99% of the screens out there?

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is the screen saver implemented already?
Could not find anything in possibly related threads

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Yup, the screen can be turned off by the button press combination described at:

Hardware overview | Electra One Documentation

totally makes sense.


Thanks for pointing me to the manual! RTFM, as always :slight_smile:
could there be a added a search functionality to the docs?

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Hi! Is this implemented yet? Would be a good thing to have if I forget to put the E1 in standby mode.