[SOLVED] Upgrading E1 with Ubuntu

Hi, Firmware update Electra One mkII | Electra One Documentation says:

Your Electra One controller should now be recognized as a USB disk named “ELECTRA” on your computer.

It’s “4,0 GB Volume” on Ubuntu, but this is just a minor thing.

Copy the “Controller-vx.x.x.srec” file that you downloaded in step 1 to the “boot” folder on the Electra One disk.

Can’t do, because of a permissions problem. It is strange because I seem to have permissions for the entire folder. Here is a screenshot of the permissions for the boot subfolder:

I’m not sure how to proceed and I’m not going to experiment with the E1 firmware folder. I thought I’d rather ask. :slight_smile:

(Also note that the section title “Download the latest firmware file” is repeated in sections 1 and 2.)

Do you have the volume mounted in read/write or read-only?

text corrected. Thanks!

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After debugging problems with Martin’s help, we realized that Linux was complaining about the E1s filesystem saying it might be corrupt. It is unclear what happened (the E1 does work) but connecting the E1 with Windows led to an error message saying that the drive had problems and offering to repair it. After accepting, a success message appeared. Then I rebooted on Ubuintu and could upgrade to 3.1.1 without problems.

Therefore, readers of the future, there is no problem with E1 upgrades on Ubuntu!

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