Hi @Martin,

my E1 got stuck on a testversion of a new microQ preset in the making.
With 'stuck ’ I mean:

  • the moment the E1 starts (which is current in that Waldorf microQ preset), I can only press the left 3 buttons and move up or down the section, and sometimes chang a control
  • if I try to go to any other preset or page within the preset, the preset hangs.
  • currently this happens with just the USB connected to the PC
  • The E1 app does not connect with the device
  • pressing the hole at the right rear makes the USB disconnect and reconnect, without any change
  • pressing the hole at the left rear makes the screen out, then it relights without content
  • E1 is one fw 3.1

what can I do to get out of this loop?


it feels like it hangs in some infinite loop or something. I assume there are Lua functions, is that correct? Please send me a link to the preset on PM.

The recessed buttons on the back panel are Reset and Update. These will not help if the preset itself is the issue.

Pls try to do the following:

  1. disconnect E1 from the power (USB cable)
  2. press and hold the top-left button
  3. while keeping the button pressed, connect the USB cable and keep the button pressed
  4. release the button after the start up animation is completed.

This is a procedure to skip loading of the default preset. It means your E1 will start up without any preset loaded. Once it is up and working, use the web app to upload a new preset to that slot or remove the preset from the controller.

Let me know it it worked for you. Thx!