Synapse Audio The Legend VST

Here is a layout for Synapse Audio The Legend. Mostly everything is automatically mapped. There may be a few controls you may have to map or midi learn. Depending on your DAW, you may have to map or midi learn. You can right click on a knob and midi learn.

I’m still new to using E1 with soft synths and not sure if I’m doing it right. Some parameter IDs may be above 127. I didn’t know I couldn’t go past 127 to control something, but after creating others I found out why that was the case.


  • Can I use just the E1 USB MIDI to control VSTs when using midi learn or do I have to have MIDI connected as well? When I disconnect my MIDI cables the E1 doesn’t control any parameters, but it works when MIDI is connected. It also works if I map the midi.
  • Can I turn a knob with my mouse and it shows that E1 values are changing?

The Legend.epr (14.1 KB)

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yes, you can use USB MIDI. USB MIDI Port 1 and Port 2 act as MIDI ports on your computer. When you select one of the USB MIDI ports in your DAW/plugin, the communication will take place over the USB.

yes, if the MIDI port and the controller number sent by the plugin when the knobs is turned matches a control in your preset, the value of the control will be updated. ie. if you turn such knob on the computer screen with a mouse, it will be reflected in electra.

I guess I need to play with the ports more. I thought I did that, but couldn’t get it to recognize any USB.

I will do further investigating with the mouse too. I can’t seem to get that to work right either.