Tc electronics D-Two

Here is a first cut at a preset for the tc D-Two delay unit: D-Two

Some notes – it’s not done, but it’s useful and fun.
For now (until I have time for more thought/edits), the preset starts with the following assumptions:

  • sysex ID = 0
  • MIDI Channel Channel = 1
  • MIDI CC = On
  • MIDI Program Bank = External

If you do not have CC and Bank set properly inside the D-Two, the preset will jump to the configuration page and let you know what to fix the first time you try to pull down a preset.

You can change the sysex ID, but it you do the next time you start things up, there may be confusion

  • Add preset rename/save – WORKING
  • Change max times when going between mono and stereo – BETTER
  • Create some additional control lockouts (no repeats, PingPong not available, etc) – BETTER


  • Deal with the Rhythm mode fully. You can currently edit Rhythm presets, but creating them from scratch is not really working

Any/all feedback is welcome of course.

EDIT - preset renaming and saving to the User area is now working. Still need to fill out User name list with saved patches. Still things to clean up, but at least now changes can be saved.


made some small tweaks. One thing was to add a “pop-up” keypad to enter the delay time.
On the Config page you can enable/disable that feature. In addition, there’s a few controls there to explore color. Note - the color controls are on the Bonus page…