Using E1 with bome

Hello !
In a workaround try i figured out how both have my stream deck AND the webapp editor connected to the E1 port 3 .
Using bome midi translator i created 4 more port (avoiding the loop midi problem)
Then i have
Webapp in webapp out,
strdck in strdck out
connected to E1 port 3 in and out
And it works marvelously !
Still there is a minor problem regarding the web app .
Everytime i run the webapp , it says the E1 is not connect

Then i select the virtual port and then i am connected…but i have to do that each time :sweat_smile:
Would it be possible that the webapp “remember” the port i used ? regarding cookies or similar ? is it possible ?
Thanks ! :slight_smile:

:sweat_smile: :joy:
The webapp connect but It does not transfert the preset from the webapp to the E1 .
The E1 says “file transfer failed please retry” :partying_face:
I suppose that bome can’t handle the flow off data from the webapp.
don’t know. i will dig into it :slight_smile: :+1:

i have the same issue,
E1 to iConnectMidi via USB A
Webapp to iConnectMidi via RTP-MIDI.

E1 is detected but transfer fails.

I don’t exclude that I am doing something wrong in the routing.

Just added an option to save port settings on beta.

I use BomeBox without problems. Maybe it is caused by the Translator Pro?


As of 3.0, the editor should save settings of the MIDI ports when you change them.