Web Editor Group Header Weirdness when "Highlighted"

Please check out the image lowest row. Looks kind of neat, but should look different at the corners, I think.

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@eusti, do you mean this?


That is a product of the little designer in me :slight_smile:

If you have suggestions, just ping me on PM.

In general I am unhappy with the pads too. I am looking for a better design.


I would say the thin line as is or a thick line when selected.

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I was thinking about reporting this as well but there were more important issues :slight_smile:
I would suggest to simply fill the fat header bar to the full left and right.


@martin: Yes, sorry for not pointing this out more clearly.

Just as @Flyweight suggested, a solid big line all the way to the end should do it. Then as well the surrounding box should work when “highlighted” is selected.

Thank you!

By the way I love that one can create boxes with the group headers now! :slight_smile:

Hello Moss ! What a pleasure to see you there ! Welcome !! :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :tada:


I don’t know when this happened but at least after I updated to v3.1 today in my case the line from the group headers are almost invisible.

If I use a different color it is slightly better but far away from what I was used to see. Also, at the moment I change to another page it shows up real quick a bit more present.

Any suggestions? Is it possible to calibrate the screen?

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hmm, isn’t it that the group is in the inactive row (control set)? These are dimmed by default. Looking at the screenshot you sent… when you press left-bottom button, does the group become brighter?


Thanks Martin and yes that is the inactive row. And with the activation it becomes visible but from my feeling way less than before.

In this image the lower row is active.But of course that is not a serious thing. I can live with it. I just wondered if there was a change or if a calibration is necessary or possible.

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I was adjusting the brightness of some controls recently. I will check that on various revisions of Electras. There were slight differences in the LCDs used between the hardware revisions. It could be that the impact was more intense on some revisions.

Calibration → not really, but I am working on adding extra configuration options to the web app. It will include a few options for the LCD.

Anyways, I will check that and will adjust things if I see it is too dark. Will keep you updated on that.


Thanks so much. Your support is simply awesome! :pray: :+1: