Will the Electra One

program the arpeggiator/sequencer in the Novation Supernova rack and the same in the Roland V Synth rack? The former just relies on CC, the later is sysex iirc.

I’ve got a supernova 2 but its currently in storage. I’ve certainly controlled some of its parameters via the electra + midi CC but haven’t got round to making a full template.

If I remember correctly though (with the supernova 2) whilst you can select an arp pattern to associate with a patch via MIDI CC I’m not sure that you can actually program the patterns themselves. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the midi CC spec

I haven’t found a midi spec for the original supernova but there was a lot of cross over between that synth and the SN2. I wouldn’t expect the ARP implementation to be more fully spec’d on the original supernova.

Generally I’ve found with the electra that if a synth exposes a setting via midi CC, NRPN or sysex you can generally control it from the electra.

Hi there.

The arp in the supernova requires CC98 followed by CC6 each time you want to change something. There are always two. One is constant, the other changes