2 Issues on hiding and coloring: need help

Hi, all TX 7 and Electra One lovers out there, I will need your help with this enhanced TX7 preset, based on @martin 's work. Electra One App

The purpose of this new FM preset is to get a thorough understanding of FM synthesis on a TX7. For this reason, I left out the distinction between the program itself and the function storage, as this does not matter on a TX7.

I’m not going in all the new things in there at this point (but go ahead and experiment, you should find a lot of new formatting and control hiding ), but I truly believe this preset can make FM more comprehensible.

But I’m in need of some help to finish the job. As you may notice I used a color per operator (operator 1 and 6 both have the same RED, in order to free up WHITE for a different purpose).

However when you change the algorithm, you will notice colors may change too on the 6 operators:

  • The output level of each operator is kept in WHITE if it is an audio output (like on the Korg OpSix)
    • For instance operator 1 and 3 on algo’s 1 and 2
  • The output level of each operator inherits the color of the controlled operator, if it is not an audio output. The Output Level color thus indicates the controlled operator.
    • For instance Op2’s output level gets the color of Op1 in algo’s 1 to 19
  • If one output level is controlling more than one operator, then all those operators will share the same color
    • For instance Op4 and Op5 are both controlled by Op6 in algo 19, thus OP4 ànd Op5 are PURPLE, as well as the Output Level of Op6

For ease of understandability : if an Operator is disabled or its output level is brought to 0, all of its parameters are hidden. Changing the level to non-zero or enabling the operator will show the controls again.

Try it out and see for yourself.

There are 2 issues however I need help with:

  • When you change the algorithm (on page 5 ‘COMMON’ , first control), this changes the color scheme’s on pages 1, 2 and 3 as desired, but it is doing undesired optical changes on page 5 too, which is very confusing. Changing the active section repairs the page optically. How can I prevent this from happening?
  • When a set of controls is hidden (operator at level 0 or disabled), and you change to another patch using the program change buttons on pages 2 or 5 then it take ages (up to 10 seconds!) for the E1 to respond, although the parsing itself is done fairly quickly (less than a second). You can replicate this by disabling all the Operators, and then perform a program change.

Both issues can be reproduced even if you have no TX7 attached.

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every time you rename or change the color of a control it will be redrawn. that’s something that annoys me. A solution would be to change pages programmatically, but there is no way to do it as of current firmware.