Aalto by Madrona Labs





my favourite soft synth :slight_smile:

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It is my only soft synth :slight_smile:

First time user.
How is the setup fpr Aallto? Do I have to map the controls in Aalto or host-software?

I’m using it as a vst in ableton. So i had to map it like other vst’s

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Thanks for your template and hint. I will do. Thought there is a more comfortable way (f.e. loading a MIDI map in Aalro or similar). Your name suggest that are you german?

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i’ll ask Madrona labs if it is possible. It would be great !
And about my name it’s an alias in reference to Daria Morgendorffer. And i’m french :slight_smile:

great, hopefully Randy will implement it.

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i think we’ll have to wait for the v.2 :slight_smile:

yes, saw his comment…
In between I map the MIDIs in Gigperformer, starting form your Aalto-E1 preset, thanks for this.

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