Parameter Values Dropping During live automation on Ableton Live Preset

Hi there.

I’m using the Ableton Live Preset script on Ableton 11. I’m specifically using auto filter and using E1 to manually automate cutoff and resonance etc. During doing it, the parameter values drop to near zero for no reason that I can see. Has anyone else experienced this or should I put it in the bug section or somewhere else? Thank you.

Is it happening all the time or only when the song is playing?

Hi Martin. It did it both when playing and not playing. I just tried over just a standard long clip in arrangement view on a fresh project, one Ableton Analog and auto filter and it did it both playing and not playing the song. It was the frequency of auto filter. Not only that, it does the same on Analog as well with continuous movement of the filter, which I do a lot of. On Analog, I did a lot of twiddling with frequency. Then stopped and moved resonance a bit. Then it seemed to jump down a lot of times after I had tweaked resonance a bit. Both playing and not playing. Yes, doing it some more it seems to relate to the resonance somewhat. When I keep the resonance down and leave it there, there seems to be little interference but when start playing with the resonance, both on analog and autofilter, it starts to muck around and either drop to 0 or jump to maximum.