using Firefox

The most recent Chrome version requires MacOS 10.15 or higher.
I am for economic reasons committed to my two present MacOS installations, one on a MacPro5,1, one on a 2014 MacBook Pro. The MBP can be natively updated to Big Sur, thus not needing various Opencore iterations. The Mac Pro is a “mid 2012”, though built in April 2013 ie the same year the trashcan first saw the light of day. All essential peripherals (RME PCIe card, Aurora 16) and connected systems (for instance Kyma Pacarana, connected via FW/MOTU Audio Express) require more or less this exact configuration. Getting rid of the MP12 for a newer Mac Pro is obviously do-able but would require extremely costly upgrades of the audio installations.

The Firefox team and various others have for years been developing the same sort of MIDI capabilities Chrome offers. I just opened under Mojave (MacOS 10.14) on Firefox version 115.5.0esr (64-bit) and the webpage connected directly to my Electra MkII.

Are there good reasons to not trust that Firefox will work for all Electra-connectivity-related needs? I’ve moved a few presets, which works. Haven’t gone further yet. Would like to avoid Chrome, since Google no longer supports MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) – I wonder how much Apple might have paid for Google to do that for them?

Thoughts? Caveats?


PS: Edge also requires at least MacOS 10.15 to use at all…
PPS: Edge v 115 allows Edge to be used (and it connects directly to Electra MkII). Like Chrome it points out that the version is no longer supported by Microsoft…

So maybe: that’s the way the cookie crumbles?

However: even the most recent Opera under Mojave seems to establish a functioning connection with Electra MkII…

Recent versions of Firefox support WebMIDI which is used by the editor for the communication.

I’d say that you should try to send a large preset to your Electra from the Firefox version that is running on your system.

If it works then it is probably fine.

I have been using Firefox but not on a Mac so I cannot comment directly.

If the browser allows you to connect to the E1, then it should work. The caveats may come from using something in the editor that is only supported by recent browsers, but you would have noticed that by now.

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