WebMIDI and Firefox

My studio is based on Macs all using Mojave. Any update (replacing 3 Apple-computers to more modern and less reparable Apples) will require more cash than I can access for the next few years.

Google Chrome informs me that it Chrome will no longer be supported under Mojave.I have long hoped that Firefox would get its webMIDI house in order. So today I tested app.electra.one in Firefox and - it worked. Not really sure exactly what is working, but I get as far as opening the editor on a preset before the electra site reacts: opening the editor under Firefox warns that it might not work as expected. However I seem to get the editor open with a preset, and am able to edit the preset…

Any feedback on this? My main computer for recording is a MacPro called a 2012 MacPro, built in april 2013. It will run higher than Mojave but many bits and pieces in the installation here will then not work.

Any general feedback on this problem? I’m assuming the worst, ie that Google Chrome no longer being supported under Mojave will mean real digital risk if continuing with Chrome under Mojave, and thus continuing with the Electra itself and its necessary infrastructure )editor, forum etc). Martin, do you know if we can expect Firefox to be able to match Chrome as far as its web MIDI api is concered? Not a trivial problem seeing as there are likely quite a few thousand studio that base their computer recording on a 2010 or 2012 MacPro…


Firefox added support for the webmidi aproximately a year ago. That means the Electra One web app works in Firefox fine. I am not using it by myself but I heard from other users that they use it without problems.

Stopping the support for Mojave means that new versions of Chrome will not run on it. The version you currently have will continue to work. From this perspective nothing is really changing I’d say. Of course, using an older version of the browser may represent security risks. But the same counts for the operating system itself. Apple does not release security patches for Mojave for about two years now.

I am running one old Imac with High Sierra to make sure I can replicate issues on 10.x line of MacOS. Number of applications that cannot be updated or run on it is growing. including popular DAWs.

I totally understand your point. I am facing the same issue with my audio interfaces (all of them MOTU 828). I have really hard time to use them with new versions of MacOS.

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I am using the Editor in Firefox and so far I haven’t encountered problems.