Up/down buttons

idea : a new button/pad type, which can increase or decrease a cc/program change value.

the main purpose of this is to be able to have 2 pads on the screen go to the next/previous patch (program change)

I see this as a variation of the current pad control. which currently sends a static value, on press/release.

the mode would be momentary like mode, called increment (?)
rather than on/off values , it would have min/max and increment
increment can be -1 to allow us to decrement values.

note: it is important that it also listens to the CC/program change message (in the same way as a fader does) since the ‘button’ has a value state.

a solid example :slight_smile:

on the octatrack, the current playing pattern can be changed using program change messages
( lets ignore the complication of banks I-P) - what Id like to do, is simply have a button to switch to the next (or previous) pattern.

I cannot currently do this with buttons, since it requires us to know what the current (program change) value is, and selecting via a fader would be error prone.

I see it mainly useful for program change messages or other parameters other synth values where you want to ‘step’ thru values rather than select specific values.


added that on the todo list. definitely makes sense.