'Smart' Button/Knob Mode


I’m not sure if this is possible, but this could be quite wild! Especially for sends.

Imagine if we could add a button to templates which behaved like so:

Touch the button on screen and then adjust the knob simultaneously to control the outputted cc value. Touch the button again on screen to ‘untoggle’ and it snaps the cc value back to 0.

The button would always read out the ‘active’ cc output value on the screen.

Another (cooler) mode would be to to touch the knob and twist for ‘momentary’ sends.

So if the knob isn’t touched, the output value is 0, but when touched the output value is controlled by the knob. When you let go, the value snaps to 0 again.

This would be a great way to ride track sends, for example!

Just building on your idea…
you want to make a difference between the set values, and any momentary values, correct?
Currently you can already double click on a control to make it go back to its default value. If in your case your default value is 0, then… there you go… .your idea should work already today (given you accept the double -click instead of touching the screen).

But if we could use your idea to allow momentary changes to any values of any controls, that could be interesting. So what if your idea is not snapping back to 0, but snapping back to whatever the conotrol value was before you adjusted it?

In other words, assume the value of the control to be at X in rest. When you touch it ànd simultaneously turn the knob, the value could go below or above X, and when you let go, it jumps back to X. And all the while, if you double click it, it jumps back to its default state which could be something different from X as well.

We should have a clear visual presentation of this ‘snap back’ or ‘relative’ mode For instance a rectangle appearing around any control that is in ‘snap back’ , whether temporary or toggled in.

Oh cool didnt realise that.

Still these current defaults are

a) a bit tappy
b) need presetting on the editor I guess, so not immediately flexible

I do like that idea of an ‘untoggled’ button value of X and a ‘pickup’ knob value of Y.

I suppose I meant most by all this is to just explore ‘dividing’ a buttons function - so that both the button on screen and the corresponding knob don’t just do the same thing (i.e toggle button on touch)

I just thought it would be great to have a button (toggle or momentary) with an adjustable on/off output value on the fly.

Perhaps - double tapping a button will pop a overlay to set X (unactive value), while Y is just the current value from last knob rotation

I love to just ‘blip’ some track sends into returns for example, not just set and forget. This function would make the action of sending (button press or knob touch) and send volume (knob value) amount more natural/playable.

Tons of other use cases too.

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