Corrupted controller configuration

Hi. Is there a default.cfg file available to download ? I noticed that I don’t see the preset slots in the online app anymore. Also the whole configuration seems to be is corrupted after tyring out the sandbox, which i didn’t understand how it works. I think it is corrupted now after hitting the upload button with a empty configuration.

Reinstalling the firmware or deleting the config file (did a backup) didn’t solve the problem.

Many thanks in advance

When the configuration file is not preset, E1 normally creates a new one with the default configuration. Uploading a backup should work too. This is the default configuration:

setup.cfg (702 Bytes)

It must be placed in /ctrlv2/ directory on the sdcard.

If needed this is the full “image” of the sd card: (1.9 MB)

After making changes to the configuration or sd card contents outside of the, you may need to force reload the Controller page in the web browser to see them.

Thank you, this resolved the issue

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