E1 Controller screen

When the E1 is attached to the computer, you can view your presets, do an update and change settings on the controller screen.
Now that there are more options on how to display the active control set and useful things like the routing echoing, do we have control over those settings from inside a preset?

Apologies if it is in the documentation, but the entire electra.one website is inaccessible from my work environment.

I could certainly see that sometimes it would be advantageous to set some route echoing for USB and DIN and other times you might want that off. Same with how a preset wanted to indicate the active control set. I guess if a preset was going to play nicely with the system, it would query for the entire current state, set up what it wanted, and then put it all back you it was switched out.

However, that would probably require an onLoad() and onUnload() [or onExit()] set of callbacks in addition to the sysex needed to set/unset various options on the Controller page.

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