Electra as an interface to Mainstage

I’m a first day user, and am just familiarizing myself with the Electra. One of my intended use cases is to act as my main interface with Mainstage for live performance. I’ll be using it for other things too, but after exploring some shared presets this is where I will be starting.

I noticed there were no Logic or Mainstage presets, but am wondering if anyone has explored this so that we can share notes.
Am deciding first between having a Mainstage Patch, or by having patches in a certain bank all correspond to Mainstage. I think the latter, and then programs in that bank would be Mainstage patches, and possibly be able to program select within an AU instrument, though not critical.
I’m currently using a Yamaha YC88, but would love to divorce everything except the drawbar controls from MS, and instead interact with the Electra. Choose a patch, have the knobs set correctly, etc.
I’d set up the MS Layout to have the Elektra Knobs, so probably map once to there, and from there to the AUs within MS.