Electra black screen :( resolves with a hard reset

my elektra died while changing the firmware. is there only a black screen? what should I do?


this might happen when the firmware file is corrupted or the transfer is not completed successfully. Please follow the hard reset procedure described at Hard reset article. It should bring your Electra back to life.

If the issue persists or if you have difficulties with performing the hard reset, reach me on the chat, I will guide you through the procedure.

Confirmed to be resolved by the hard reset procedure.

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YES! Everything works, thank you

Is there an updated link to the hard reset procedure? I unfortunately have the same issue, and the above link is broken - or rather, the Wiki seems to not allow access.

“You do not have permission to update this wiki.”

Hi there,

for mk2 please follow these instructions:

  1. Disconnect the USB cable
  2. press and hold the right-bottom button on the E1
  3. while keeping this button pressed, connect the USB cable
  4. The bootloader screen will show up
  5. Make sure the firmware file is uploaded (if not reupload it using the E1 disk mode)
  6. Tap on the firmware file. Please, make sure you tap the file without any leading ._ characters.

Please let me know if this helped. If not, I am available to help further.

I will update the docs accordingly.


Hi Martin,

Yes, it’s a Mk2 and that brought it back to life, thanks. Good to have those instructions.

It is now stuck updating firmware v3.5 again like before, but I guess that’s a separate issue.


… and re-uploading the firmware fixed that. Thanks!