[Enhanced preset] Dave Smith / Sequential Mopho with added functions

DSI / Sequential Mopho w/ Patch Request V2.0 NewIgnis

This preset builds on top of @martin 's work, with added features, visuals and upgraded to Mopho version 1.4

Mopho is a compact, affordable but powerful monophonic analog synthesizer from Dave smith (DSI) Sequential Circuits (SCI). The unit comes with a deep sound, a modulation matrix and a 4-track sequencer.

DSI Mopho

This Electra One preset offers easy access to all Mopho’s parameters, supports bi-directional communication as well as patch and globals reading.


Make sure that the following Global parameters are set:

  • MParam Send: NRPN
  • M Param Rec: NRPN or all
  • MIDI Control: On
  • MIDI SysEx: On
  • MIDI OutSel: Out
  • M Progrm Ch: On

What’s in the preset

  • Pages 1-4 contain all patch sound parameters
  • ARP is an extended arpeggiator; it contains a transpose function for live performance
  • Performance repeats most relevant parameters for live use, including bank and program change.
  • Sequencer 1-4 allows you to set 16 sequencer steps, over 4 tracks
  • Name/Globals to set patch names and global parameters
  • A lot of formatting has been added to controls to make understanding the possibilities easier

Manuals & Info

Nice, nowIi wish i had a mopho,
any chance for the mono evolver desktop synth?

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Sorry, I haven’t got one. They should be similar….

Forget what I said. There are as much similarities as there are differences…