Firmware 2.1.6

The firmware 2.1.6 is available for the download.

The firmware is available on the Downloads page

This release brings mostly brings an update of the MIDI learn so that it can be used in combination with the new editor for Patch dump parsing (Patch Parsing tool - testing and help needed). There is also a minor fix oft the USB host device assignments.

Changelog :

  • Add support for visual patch dump editor
  • Fix USB Host device assignments in config.json. The 0 based index has been used while index starting with 1 is expected.

@martin FYI when I use the link above, I get to the new version. When I use the homepage, the main links in the upper right corner don’t function anymore. The links down below the homepage still work, but when I access documentation via those links, the ‘downloads’ page still shows 2.1.5:

I was not able to replicate that. The links seem to work and I can 2.1.6 on the download page.

Both issues (on Windows 10 Home) are still present, but I worked my way around it. Can anyone else with windows home test this?

For me it worked both ways (the link and going to the homepage / documentation) WIN 10 Home.

All issues solved here as well ! :ok_hand: