Firmware v3.5

Hi my electra one mk1 cannot update to 3.5.
I have tried reset and force update ,but not working.
Chrome runnning Mac and Win both cannnot recognize to update mode my device.
Electra Console app cannot also recognize.

I’m been super busy with life, but had time this morning to do a 3.2.2 to 3.5 update and it did not have a problem (Chrome on Windows 11).

However, here is some old info to solve the freeze problems we have had in the past.
@martin should probably confirm they can still work, but in the past it has always brought the E1 back to life for me.

hard reset mk I


it is strange. The first thing to check is to see if your E1 really goes to the update mode. On Mac you can verify that by:

  1. Opening a System Information application
  2. Clicking on the USB entry in the left-sidebar

  1. When the controller is in the normal mode, you should see “Electra Controller” entry there
  2. Now, switch the controller to the update mode. Either by using the web app or by shortly pressing the recessed update button on the back panel (the one next to the round MIDI connectors).
  3. If the controller enters the update mode, the information in the System Information app will change. Pls note, you will have to press CMD+R to reload the info.

  1. You should see a “Composite Device” identified as Product ID 0x0478 and Vendor ID 0x16c0. Having this means that the bootloader chip is ready to receive a firmware update.

Pls, let me know how the above test went. I would help you further based on what the result is.


I’ve upgraded the Mk1 to 3.5 without issues. But as always, the Mk1 never reboots spontaneously, it remained in its loader mode.
After restarting it, all was fine.

I will test furter tonight

Just testing Pulse NIG V1.4 preset. It looks like the names of the list options is shortened.
For instance the option “Pitch Follow” only shows “Pitch Fo”,
The option “LFO2 * ENV F” only shows “LFO2 * E”

The screenshot sows what letters have been cut off:

Yes, for me too. The names/labels are cut to down to 8 chars from 14 before…

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I have confirmed ,when normal mode is running
Electra One on usb tree’s information is OK.
(which means same as the picture wich you uploaded)
But when update mode , device is gone from USB tree.
There is nothing.

Thanks !
but this time that’s not working.

That is strange. I am rather busy today. I will PM you when I have a moment and we will take a look at that together.

Hi Martin, did you see my mail with potential memory corruption? Could this be the same issue?

Edit: I ment the shortened names.

hehe, no, it was an attempt to save some memory. I hoped nobody would notice :slight_smile: I am finishing 3.5.1 for mk1. The preset list memory issue is fixed. And this will be returned back to the original memory size.