Group Label Character Limit [SOLVED]

On the editor it shows the full name, but the device shows only a certain amount. Is there a limit of the number of characters that can be shown on the device?

Electra has a limit of 20 characters for group names. The limit is not enforced in the editor, will discuss with Tomas who is responsible for the web editor app. It will be fixed. From what I can see on your pictures, you would like to have group names longer I assume?

PS: unless you have a reason for that, feel free to remove the protective film :slight_smile: The glass has better feel and has less resistance when using touch.

Thanks Martin. I figured there was a limit, but just not showing in the editor. Just wanted to make sure.

Lol, I will remove it. I always keep it on for a little while before removing. Guess an old habit.

I have the same issue since I updated to 1.1.4, but group names on my Electra are now limited to 15 characters. Group names show in full in the editor.

Happy to see you here @dr_funk. You were the first user who shared his preset with others, almost a year ago :slight_smile:

The Group label character limit is resolved with firmware v1.1.5 release.

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Thanks @martin. I’m happy to be here! I like the new app, website and forum - great work! Great news about 1.1.5 - I’ll update shortly.

I saved my Chroma 2 preset in my Electra App presets folder as part of the update. I can make it public and share it again if you think it’s a good idea.


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Yes, please do. Thanks!