I created a preset for the software U-HE Repro-1 synth.

You can set the midi port and channel in the config+tweaks screen. Also, double-tap a pot to toggle a button or reset a pot.

You will need to MIDI-learn each control in Repro-1, I have not found a way to export the MIDI-table. Also, at least in Bitwig I have not found a way to (without a Bitwig plugin) get the VST output. Maybe in the future I will try to write a Bitwig extension for this.

The sequencer has not yet been assigned and is unfinished, still working on that part.


Repro saves the assignment in a midi configuration txt in its folder. Don’t know exactly where but it’s in the documentation also there’s an older preset for repro which describes the location


Ah I checked the docs but did not see that. Thank you! I’ll add it.

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I have updated the Preset to have a link to the midi mapping, along with some instructions on where to put it, a screenshot and removed non-functional wip screens.