Kasser Synths DAFM

Hi all, my first preset is complete, the Kasser Synths DAFM, which provides the sounds of the Sega Megadrive/Genesis.

Kasser Synths DAFM for Electra One

Every CC*# is mapped here across two compact pages. Future development may include a third performance page.



Page one includes main controls for all four operators, LFO and pitch bend.



Page two includes the envelope controls and key scaling.

Both pages include an identical MASTER CONTROLS section, and both pages include doubles of the operator levels, allowing quick access to them.


Visual representations of all algorithm paths are present, they are very tiny though.

Visual representations of all SSG waveforms are present.

Visual representations of secondary decay rates are present, renamed to SHOULDER for “sustain shoulder”, as it’s a little more descriptive of what’s happening visually. These are doubled across pairs of values, as the E1 vertical resolution available for waveform graphics is lower than that of the DAFM screen.


Many thanks to oldgearguy on the forum for helping me to create the ADSR controls in Lua.


Patch request is not possible.

The DAFM has no midi out and cannot send a patch to the Electra One.

I will investigate whether this can be added to usb via soft/hardware updates, but for now please assume it will not be added.

You can also save your patches in the Electra One using the snapshots function.

This preset controls the main patch via channel one. Multi-timbral patch control will not work well without a dump request.

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