Keyboard Maestro

I’m increasingly using my Electra to control my DAW

Not everything in my DAW is midi mappable

So I’ve started to using an app called Keyboard Maestro which allows you to to create keyboard short cuts and Macros and then assign to a midi note.

I can then setup a pad in Electra with that midi note and trigger that macro. It’s only $36 to buy and maybe worth considering if there is functionality within your DAW (or other programs) that you would like to be able to map to the electra

I’m using it in combination with another app called PlugSearch.

Using these two apps together with the electra I can move my mouse over to a blank insert area on a channel strip, press a pad on my electra and my favourite compressor is inserted onto that channel strip

There is a trial version of the app available so well worth taking a look at. I’m not connected with the company in any way, just sharing my experience