New user just getting going.. 2 basic questions

  1. how do you access midi configuration / menu? I want to set it to be ‘midi thru’ mode where incoming midi notes get mirrored to the output along with control data

  2. are you supposed to see activity on the midi output when you twist a knob? (grey midi out text should turn white?) when the unit receives midi notes it shows it by turning white, I would assume knob twisting would have the same effect to the midi out?

Hi @lobit,

I will answer your questions here, but I will also bring here a bit of what we discussed on PM earlier.

From what i understood you would like to have a computer-free setup like this:

Where the sequencer can reach synths 1, 2, 3 on their channels and any activity on Electra is merged to the stream of MIDI data. Is that correct?

If it is the case, then you are right and you need to enable MIDI Thru on the Port 1. We are working on adding a configuration manager to the It will be available soon. For now, it can be done by uploading the configuration file manually. The instructions can be found here:

If you need assistance, drop a message here or on the website chat. Before you adjust your config, make sure you update your firmware to latest version 1.3.1. It has a few improvements regarding the MIDI Thru functionality.

The midi activity is indicated only on the incoming side now. I personally found it a little bit annoying when outgoing messages flashed the indicators because it was lit almost always with any incoming message due to internal forwarding and the thru option. However, as you talk about it, I agree it is confusing. I will most likely enable it again.

I see one more challange with your setup. I think the most practical solution for you is to have all three synths included in one preset. That way all of them could be controlled in the same time. As you want to use already existing presets there is not an easy way for you to “merge” them to one preset. I will discuss it with @Tomas and will try to help you with that.

yes my setup is basically what you show in the diagram

I will try uploading the config file next time Im near the unit.

Im confused as to why I couldnt run 3 separate presets though… isnt it already quite easy to switch between presets ? and they can each occupy their own midi channel, am I missing the reason why they would need to be all in one preset?

It depends on how you are going to use it. If you want to use all three synths live and sequencer continuously sending MIDI messages to them, a single preset with controls for all three of them is more efficient.

The setup with three presets will work too but switching between presets will introduce a temporal latency of MIDI data forwarding at the time of switching the preset.

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I, being this newbie, didn 't find how to put controls to different midi channels in one preset either to be honest. I only found so far to link one preset on one midi channel, but I definitely need to keep on exploring, that’s for sure. :slight_smile:

One preset may include up to 16 MIDI devices. You can assign different port and channel to each device.

Pls take a look at the Devices section of the User guide / Editor

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Oh my, so good and so easy,… sorry to bother you for this. :slight_smile:

So I was trying to create a preset with multiple devices by using the ‘import instrument file’ function… It doesn’t seem to populate the screen on the right when I do that… It shows the name of the preset correctly on the sidebar but no controllers come up, just empty pages

Import instrument function brings you “already mapped controlers” in the sidebar. You can drag and drop them where you want on the preset page.
Hope it helps

still having an issue with this one… I hit the ‘import preset’ button, it shows the device and midi channel on the left side above, but I dont see any controllers listed below the midi learn button. I must be missing something

Is there any other way to turn a .epr file into a populated preset?

@lobit You can import preset files by hitting the “Import preset” in the

The preset will be added to the “My presets” list. Then you can use it as if you created it in the editor.

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