Looperlative LP1

EDIT - preset is available here: Looperlative LP1

updated link with a better looking (and less musical) video.

Stuff in the preset includes capturing the loop length (using a timer), lots of dynamic updates to controls and labels and colors, preserving state, formatting displays, and using the Bitwig colors.

I also decided to use dedicated ‘switch page’ buttons in the upper right to be bale to keep my hands on the screen and switch quickly.

Once more cleanup and configuration stuff is done, I’ll post the preset publicly. Right now, it’s using the beta 3.xx OS so not everyone can immediately take advantage of it, but most of the concepts are applicable.

Note that it’s 700+ lines of LUA code and is doing no sysex processing. All the code is being used to manage the displays and make sure the E1 is reflecting what the LP1 should be doing. Only sending MIDI CCs and notes to the LP1; receiving nothing.

Looperlative LP1


Funny looperlative didn’t make it into my radar, just dropped 500 euro for a used soma COSMOS, which is a different kind of machine, but feature for dollar I think looperlative actually wins.

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So, I had/ have the Gibson EDP Pro (actually 2 at the moment), all are cool and useful in their own right. After playing with all for a while, I’m selling the Loupe and the EDPs and keeping the Cosmos and LP1.

Look for a much better video as soon as I can carve out some time

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Updated the video link in the original post. Much better representation of the Electra One version 3 OS colors and some functionality.

Next time I’ll do something more interesting to listen to since the preset will be publicly available when version 3 of the OS is released.


finally feel comfortable enough with the preset as is to post it publicly.
You can find it here: Looperlative LP1

Some comments –
there is no sysex at all in this preset. It is designed to send MIDI notes and CCs to control a looping device. The bulk of the LUA code involves messing around with the displays and basically giving the user a front panel overview as to what’s happening on the LP1.

If you don’t have an LP1, this preset will happily load and do things on your Electra One.

I incorporated functionality to sync to incoming MIDI clock so that you can start and stop recording on the bar. That might be interesting/useful stuff for anyone needing that.

If you actually have an LP1 and want to use this preset, you’ll need to go to the configuration page and assign the MIDI notes and CCs in the LP1 as I have them mapped out. For now, it was too hard to make that super-generic, so you need to follow my mapping to get it all to work.


quick video showing the ability of the Electra One to track incoming MIDI clock and starting/stopping recording on both the bar and the quarter note beat.

Electra One MIDI sync

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