Make the "Option" widget togglable via touch

The “Option” widget is just great looking when you put some nice graphics in.

togglable is not a word I know :slight_smile:


Here in the eq section you can select either shelf or bell eq for the high and lows.


So I use the “option” widget and a list with 2 options.

What would be nice if you could just touch the widget and it wil go to the next value and if max if reach it goes to the start.

I think implementing only this will not interfere with the current implementation but if it will somehow that this option could be enabled, disabled in the editor?

Now when you hold the widget you get a submenu with a selecting menu.

I use this in many presets.
Not sure if there are other ways to achieve this.

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I generally like the idea of quickly being able to change things.
However, for me, sometimes my big fingers brush against an adjacent knob when I am turning a different one. In those cases, I briefly see the control get highlighted but nothing happens. If this ‘touch change’ was implemented, it would have to be for the screen touch only or maybe select screen, knob, screen+knob.

Or else I need to lose weight in my fingers. :grin:

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Hahah yeah, I guess the sensitivity can be amended in such a way only a proper toggle will initiate a change.
Otherwise it could be solved by making it optional.

It’s already foreseen

Set the list control as “Variant Only”

You will get this visually:

And that can be changed on touch

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great wil check it out. thanks

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