Program Changes Messages

I’m probably missing a trick here. How can you do Program Change messages via Electra ? I’d like to be able to flick through presets on my synth using the Electra

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Upcoming version 9.11 brings low level support for Program changes, Note On / Off, and real time messages Start, Stop, Continue. In near future it will be accessible only with editing JSON files. Later on we will adjust editor to have new types of Controls for these messages.


Hi, I only received my E1 yesterday, so I’m still a green newbie, but I actually didn’t find program change control either (at the moment for DSI Mopho and Moog Sirin, later on for my Electrons, Hydrasynth, Minilogue XD, …). Or has this not been implemented yet ? So I don’t need to keep searching for it. :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome to the forum. Program change message is available for Pad controls.

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Thanks, Martin !!! I will now dive deeper into it, before I ask more silly questions. :slight_smile:

Nothing urgent at all, but yesterday I almost finished my DSI Mopho preset. 99% ok, but for one issue I don’t find a solution, if there is one in the first place.

Bank: I can stroll trough the banks via an ‘Option’ list.
I can also put in specifif preset (e.g. Program 116 button),
But I can’t find a way to scroll through my presets.
I then look to the available Tetra preset and that remained unsolved too. That person tried it with Sysex, but gave up too.
I scrolled through the Mopho manual about ten times, and I can not find a paramerter for presets (program) change.
The only thing that mentions ‘Programs’ is:
Program Change: status 1011 nnnn / Second: 0ppppppp

So can anyone help, or is it not possible at all ?

Not urgent, because I might focus on my favorites only. So positive restriction is also a way to look at it.

By the way, I LOVE this fantastic controller !!! (just wanted to add it :slight_smile: )

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@BionicVinnie, hi, the program changes will be added to the lists and faders soon. We are also working on making the MIDI messages more flexible in general.

I am going to share a hack that @akira used in his presets. I am providing the info about that because we will convert that type of “hacked in” messages to the future syntax.

The sysex data field is capable of sending raw midi. What you need to do is to place the F7 as the first byte. That way you immediately end the body of the sysex message. The subsequent bytes can be anything (consider it to be raw midi) and you can still use the placeholder variables.

Of course, it has shortcomings. eg. you have to handle MIDI channels by yourself in raw data. I will address the most urgent in upcoming release, the placeholder for MIDI channel will be provided as well as a placeholder for the parameterNumber.


My Mks-80 preset also successfully uses program change, I just directly edited the json file. (it’s not “my” preset, I only implemented tune request and fixed it program change)

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In the pre v1 firmware I had program change working on a knob where I could scroll through programs on a synth. Martin had shared a method where you could hand edit the json with a special message type call prog. This doesn’t seem to work in the latest firmware. Is there a way I can scroll forwards and backwards through program changes on the current 1.4 firmware.

I think it still works for me when using the mks80 v3 preset, will check later

Hi all, first post on this community, I might be the future owner of an Electra One.

I’m not sure I have the same need as the original poster but, is the E1 reacts to program change from incoming midi port ?

I’d like to synchronize my octatrack with the E1 so when I’m on pattern A1 on the OT, it sends program change 1 to the controller, so preset 1 loads up on the E1.
Now I switch to A2, send PC 2, load preset 2 which is completely different from preset 1.

I know E1 can read the value from the machine and update its display, but what I would like to do is to have differents presets (with differents controls) and to have it react to pattern change.

Hi, Welcome here!

Electra can send and receive program changes. The current firmware supports Program changes only with Pads (on screen button). I am just finishing a new version that extends this to lists and faders (I think it will make some users happy @BionicVinnie @RobinC :slight_smile:

As menitioned it works in both directions, ie. you can send the program change and you can receive it. If you receive it the on-screen controls will reflect it (pad gets highlighted, lists and fader update their value).

At this moment it is possible to send a Program change to Electra’s CTRL port (a midi port dedicated to communication with Electra itself) and it will change the preset. I do not think that it would to the job for you - your OT will not be connected to the CTRL port. There have been quite some requests to tackle this. I am quite sure that the firmware will be adjusted to support it in the future.

How would I implement a program change functionality with 2 pads one for increase, one for decrease?

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Increase / decrease buttons are not possible yet. The feature has been requested already though. So this is +1 for it.

Once the New ElectraOne console / Testing needed - #10 by martin is tested and claimed stable, and I hope it will be very soon, the Program changes will become available on faders and lists. The feature is implemented in both hardware and firmware and it has been tested already,


Coud it be possible to implement MSB LSB selection for the program change pad?

following up here since I have the same question. Some machines use the bank number/preset number format for program changes. The current set of controls allows you to send the preset number perfectly but it’s always for the current bank.

We can of course create a generic control and then add a function to compose and send the two CC messages, but I was wondering if an update to the Program Change control was planned.

The synth I’m currently working on says they use: MIDI bank select protocol, wherein the bank number is equal to cc 32, plus 128 times cc 0.


+1 for easy bank selection :slight_smile:

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