Some weirdness with U-He

Still learning! But here is something strange I have noticed with some U-He softsynths, and the fault lies with U-He not the Electra One. I am working on a Repro-5 preset, have most of it set up. When I use MIDI Learn in Repro-5 (not the Electra One MIDI Learn), I can assign an Electra One controller to (for instance) Filter Cutoff, and I can HEAR the Electra One working perfectly, but on the Repro-5 GUI nothing is happening- the GUI Filter cutoff knob doesn’t move.

This problem seems to be the same with Repro-1 and DIVA, but everything works OK in Zebra2. Other softsynths (like TAL-J-8) also work fine. I have a bug report in to Urs, but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this?

Update: U-He has already gotten back to me on this, it is a Mac OS X Big Sur issue (Apple changed how they handled AUs) and they are working on a fix for it. A beta is currently available.

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I had the same issue with Model 72 or 84 from Softube (can’t remember which) in Studio One 5.

The beta versions of Repro and DIVA are working.

I have not tried with Repro-5, but I have no issue with Repro-1 (on linux). The GUI is always updated when I turn the E1 knobs and everything works perfectly.

OK, what I previously saw is that if I used a MIDI 7-Bit List (with options 0-3), selecting Octave didn’t work with either the Repro-5 or Repro-1. BUT, when I substituted a MIDI 7-Bit Fader, it seemed to work fine for both the Octave controls as well as the “Time Base” control accessed when you select Host Sync.

What I have since discovered is that for the Octave List, MIDI values for Octave 0-3 should be 0, 42, 84, 127 respectively; I was using MIDI values 0-3. So Octave now works properly with MIDI List controller. Now I need to apply the same to Time Base, there are 23 time values, and I see now that I need to assign MIDI values 0, 5, 11, 16, 22, etc. I will work on this next.