Soft takeover with 1010 Bluebox

Hi everyone!

I’m preparing a live show and need more control over my 1010 Bluebox (euroacl version). I tried with a Intech controller with endlesse encoders but the Bluebox doesn’t accept relative changes and always jumps and gets stuck in a certain value.

I read that the Electra One has a soft takeover mode and reads the incoming data from the devices it is controlling. Would this allow for a smooth control of the parameters (gains, sends, etx…) ?

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Hi, the E1 continuously updates the visual positions and current values of its controls (eg. knobs) to reflect the incoming MIDI messages. This ensures that the adjustments are smooth and incremental, starting from the current state of the controls. Therefore, you won’t experience any sudden jumps or shifts in values.

However, it’s important to mention that if a connected device doesn’t send an initial MIDI messages to synchronize the controls when you start using them, and you adjust a knob, this might lead to an abrupt change. This sudden shift would occur because the controller’s settings wouldn’t yet match the expected values from the connected device, due to the lack of initial synchronization.

I hope this helps.


Hi Martin and thanks dearly for your help. The Bluebox does not send any MIDI messages back to the connected controllers, so I think the only way to make it work is if the controller natively has a soft takeover mode, where it only applies value change, when the value of the encoder reaches the current value on the device. But then again, if the device is not sending any messages, how would the controller ‘know’ what value it currently is at?

I’m starting to believe this is a lost cause, and don’t know how I will make it work to use the blueox in a live context :\

Thanks again!

my new 1010 bluebox arrives later today. I will see what I can do with it.

Hi Hugo,

Not sure if this helps but I am also in progress to prepare a Preset for a Live Jam situation using the Yamaha SEQTRAK. I organized everything using Scenes.

For the beginning I prepared my E1 controls to match the initial settings on the SEQTRAK. Whenever there is a need for a bigger change the E1 Scene change can send a new value to a parameter. To avoid too much necessary action on the E1 I just use the upper section for the controls I want to use for the jam. When all 12 slots are occupied I change to the next page. The page change can be triggered simultaneously with a Scene change including all necessary value sends for different parameter.

Either I know the initial parameters and pre-set the E1 controls accordingly or I just send a value with the Scene change to match the default value of the next used E1 control. This means that each controls default value matches the setting in SEQTRAK so that I can start tweaking it from there.

I then navigate through the Scenes as shown in the following screenshot. At least that is the plan whenever I have it ready and what I’ve been testing so far. :wink:

I don’t know the 1010 Bluebox but can imagine that this system might work also. Of course it depends on your needs for your live setup.