Yamaha CS-80 Ultimate Upgrade

OK, will someone please come forth and tell us what is going on here, and how did they achieve this? I am only familiar with the Kenton MIDI Mod, which was rudimentary at best.

YAMAHA CS-80 Ultimate Upgrade

With a lot of work. To achieve this, one needs to replace all switches, faders and sliders with new ones that no longer control the analog circuits but are ADC’d and then captured by that new controller on the left side. This controller needs to be custom built and programmed so it captures those signals digitally, stores them in programs, and sends them out again as MIDI CC , NRPN or SYSEX (can’t tell) for the Electra One to read and visualize them, but those same signals are also converted back from digital into analog signals which then control additional circuitry mimicking the behaviour of the replaced switches and sliders that originally controlled the analog circuitry directly.
Once this was done, the synth is enriched with some additional LFO’s and voice assign methods that only exist within that new Programmer, but since the CS80 ‘listens’ to the outgoing signals of that controller, it will act as if those new voice assigns and LFO’s were always present.

In short, no easy venture. But this is reaaally bringing the CS80 into the 21st century.

But since the youtuber clearly has an Electra One he/she may be on this forum as well, and comment this endeavour? Or is it a hoax?

I am hoping that this Roy Batty person is here and can shed some light on the subject. I also wouldn’t rule out a hoax using a VST…

Hi guys, I was lucky enough to be among the very first to witness this upgrade in person and have been simply blown away. It is a very impressive achievement and definitely light-years more advanced than the Kenton. I can tell you this is no hoax, I was the one who built that Electra preset (although still needing some tweaking, I’m not a “preset wizard” like NewIgnis :slightly_smiling_face:) however I will not be able to answer all your questions, for the moment at least.
NewIgnis is emitting very good assumptions but not 100% spot on. For example all switches, faders and sliders are the original ones.

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Keeping the original faders and sliders? Wow, that is not making things simpler. Respect.